• An integrated masters (MSc) in Veterinary Physiotherapy, after four years of full-time study at Writtle University College (MVetPhys). Awarded by the University of Essex, and upholding RAMP and AHPR practitioner standards.

  • Accredited by the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP).

  • Equinology Equine Body Worker certification (EEBW).

  • An ABC Level 3 Certificate in Canine Hydrotherapy, awarded by Writtle University College and recognised by CHA, NARCH, and IRVAP.

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NAVP Veterinary Physiotherapist
Canine Experience

Louisa began working with canines in 2014 at an animal sanctuary, as an Animal Care Assistant. She gained experience in handling dogs with behavioural issues, specifically anxiety and aggression. Louisa has a huge love for rescue dogs, and was lucky enough to be able to rescue one herself - a bull lurcher called Narla. Narla has suffered from a chronic shoulder injury and mast cell tumours, which means Louisa has comprehensive knowledge of these conditions.

Louisa has a keen interest in injury prevention in working and athletic dogs, specifically racing greyhounds. Her undergraduate dissertation investigated the prevalence and type of injuries seen in the racing greyhound. During Louisa's final year of study, she researched the kinematic changes from various warm-up protocols in relation to injury prevention. This research was done alongside retired racing greyhounds, who also played a key role in Louisa's veterinary physiotherapy training.

During her final year at university, Louisa also worked as a student veterinary physiotherapist, with other students, at the WUC Canine Clinics. This allowed Louisa to gain clinical experience treating canines with various conditions. She also worked with the Essex Police Dog Unit.

Louisa currently works part-time as a Canine Hydrotherapist, registered under NARCH, at House of Hound Hydrotherapy. She works with other hydrotherapists and veterinary physiotherapists, which allows her to continue to learn and develop her knowledge.

Equine Experience

As a youth, Louisa enjoyed horse riding at a local riding school, and assisting in yard duties. In 2014, Louisa's role as an Animal Care Assistant at an animal sanctuary required her to handle and care for ponies, some of which were extremely timid and flighty.


In 2018, on her breaks from university, Louisa began working at a stud in Newmarket which produced both sport horses and Thoroughbreds, while also taking in ex-racers to retrain for other disciplines. Her role at the stud was to look after the horses, exercise those expecting to be sold, and assist during the frequent vet and farrier visits. Louisa was also able to shadow the osteopath on her visits, which allowed her to gain a further insight into the different approaches of treating the equine musculoskeletal system. Once Louisa achieved her EEBW qualification, her work then developed into giving body work to the horses expecting to be sold. Working at the stud made Louisa develop a huge admiration for the sensitive nature of Thoroughbreds, and the physical demands required during racing.

During her final year at university, Louisa worked as a student veterinary physiotherapist, with other students, at the WUC Equine Clinics. This involved treating competition horses, and allowed Louisa to gain clinical experience in treating equines with a range of issues.